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Modernization of official statistics is about the re-design of statistical business processes along which data are collected, processed and disseminated. In order to do so, a common framework is needed to identify and describe each individual process. GSBPM offers such framework, describing each step in the production process from the beginning (needs specification) to the end (evaluation and archiving).


Applicable to all domains of statistics, and providing a common language to describe statistical production processes, GSBPM is a flexible tool to compare and harmonize production processes within and across NSIs. As such, it facilitates collaboration and sharing of tools among NSIs. By precisely documenting each step throughout the production process, GSBPM also provides the basis for a data quality framework.

GSBPM constitutes a fundamental block of the modernization concept and links with many other concepts and standards (GSIM, SDMX...).


Documentation and support




Generic Statistical Business Process Model

The GSBPM provides a basis for statistical organizations to agree on standard terminology to aid their discussions on developing statistical metadata systems and processes. The GSBPM should be seen as a flexible tool to describe and define the set of business processes needed to produce official statistics. The use of this model can also be envisaged in other separate, but often related contexts such as harmonizing statistical computing infrastructures, facilitating the sharing of software components, in the Statistical Data and Metadata eXchange (SDMX) User Guide for explaining the use of SDMX in a statistical organization, and providing a framework for process quality assessment and improvement.
The web resource maintained by UNECE contains the reference document on GSBPM describing the overall model structured into nine phases (level 1) and their sub-processes (level 2) with a description of activities taking place under each sub-process.


Webpage - Old versions of the GSBPM

Before the current version, other ones were prepared and discussed. Here versions 3.1, 2.0 and 1.0 are presented in three separate documents. Version 1.0 is just a draft for the Generic Statistical Business Process Model. At this stage, phases 8 and 9 were still being developed and the same document also contains comments from the Steering group. In version 2.0, phase 8 was added and the subprocesses for each phase were modified. Finally, in version 3.0 phase 9 was finalised with again modified subprocesses from the previous versions.


Webpage and documents - Communication Resources

This webpage contains documents to be used for communication purposes. These are presentations for non-expert users new to the GSBPM, as well as examples of GSBPM use in selected statistical offices demonstrating the benefits of GSBPM. A more exhaustive collection of papers on the Asia and Pacific experiences is available under the section Country experiences of this MSIS Asia-Pacific wiki.


Webpage - Documents on GSBPM

This webpage presents papers on issues related to GSBPM. Some of them explore GSBPM relationship with SDMX and DDI; others documents describe countries' implementations of the GSBPM or suggestions for further developments. A more exhaustive collection of papers on the Asia and Pacific experiences is available under the section Country experiences of this MSIS Asia-Pacific wiki.


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