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1.1 Metadata strategy

Statistics Canada is undergoing an agency-wide modernization initiative to promote organizational efficiency, increase robustness of systems and processes and shorten implementation time for new projects.  One of the key principles guiding this review is: Create metadata at the beginning of every process and use them throughout the project life cycle.  A working group with members representing all phases of the statistical business process has been developing a strategy for statistical metadata management and an action plan to support these principles.  The goals being considered for the strategy relate to four themes: drive, make available, structure and manage.  Actions required to implement the strategy are expected to cover:

  1. Establishing governance;
  2. Creating centres of expertise;
  3. Adopting standard structure and content specifications (including GSIM);
  4. Developing a metadata portal to identify authoritative sources of metadata and make them available to users, and;
  5. Identifying metadata gaps required to enable metadata-driven processes.

1.2 Current situation

The strategy for statistical metadata management and high-level actions are being reviewed by senior management.  Implementation of activities identified in the action plan is expected to begin in spring 2013.   This includes the adoption of GSIM as a recommended reference model for the Agency.  Some of the anticipated challenges to implementing the strategy and GSIM include limited resources, on-going work, transitioning to a SOA and Government of Canada initiatives (i.e., Open Data project).   Establishing governance, assigning a project manager to lead implementation and validating GSIM through a pilot project are key steps to realize a metadata-driven environment.