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The model has no sub-process for providing dissemination services. GSIM describes objects for such services, but no existing GSBPM sub-process has these objects as inputs and outputs.

For more context see our METIS paper.








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  1. ABS comment

    We disagree to adding a new sub-process, but agree 'dissemination services' need to be mentioned more (e.g. Manage release of dissemination products could be renamed 'Release dissemination products and services', combining both 7.3 and 7.4.).


  2. Disagree to adding a new sub-process, but suggest adding this in text in 7.2 by explaining that a product can be created by a dissemination service.

  3. I agree with Lynne and Jenny

  4. 12/11: It is key part of dissemination that there is more than pre- prepared products. 

    Is a dissemination service is an overarching process? because it is for more than one survey?

    There is a continuum between products and dissemination services. Capture this in the discussion of products. In the future, we may move to more and more service oriented dissemination. 

    Data files are the disseminated "product" and the services determine the access to the data files. Real time remote access to microdata to populate. 

    Change description <--- Gareth 

  5. Suggest that no change is needed, as GSIM v1.1 is likely to include a new definition for Product, which includes the concepts currently in Dissemination Service. The existing GSBPM text is fully consistent with the new GSIM definition for Product.