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5.1 IT Architecture

5.2 Metadata Management Tools

Data and metadata is stored with the help of Documentum, except for classifications and code lists: they are stored with the help of the Classification Server (a tailor made tool).

Technical facilities guarantee that data are stored only if they are accompanied by suitable metadata (cf. the fourth BA principle).

5.3 Standards and formats

The metadata standards used inside the office are incorporated in the SN Metadata model. Documentum uses its own formats and standards though: through a configuration of Documentum, a translation is made between the SN Metadata model and the Documentum formats. Documentum has the ability to export metadata in XML and CSV file formats.

5.4 Version control and revisions

Documentum has an extensive version control mechanism. This is exploited to version e.g., changes in the definitions of variables through time and to version changes in the design of datasets (steady states).

5.5 Outsourcing versus in-house development

SN tries to minimise tailor made software development. Documentum is a universal tool for storing and retrievingfiles (called documents) in general, which makes it suitable to store and retrieve statistical data and metadata as a special use. Documentum is configured to store and retrieve statistical data according to the SN Metadata model. These configurations were implemented through external resources.

5.6 Sharing software components of tools


The SN Classification Server is tailor made and could, in principle, be used by other organisations. At the beginning of 2009 it was still in a testing phase, though.