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3.1 Metadata Classification

Metadata is classified according three criteria.

The first criterion is when it is developed. Ex ante metadata is developed during the first three phases of the Generic Statistical Business Process Model (GSBPM): Specify needs, Design and Build. Ex post metadata is developed during each production run. These consist of the other phases of GSBPM.

The second criterion is the function of the metadata. Here we distinguish four types of metadata: conceptual, process, quality and technical metadata.

For instance, in short, ex ante process metadata will tell you how statistics should be produced. Ex post process metadata tells you how they were produced.

The third dimension of the metadata classification is by their quality. Metadata in our pre-input and input bases are formulated according to the respondent's wording. Metadata in our other bases are formulated according the office standards. These also contain the international standards.

3.2 Metadata used/created at each phase

The DSC is designed to support all phases of the statistical business process. Due to its step-by-step realization, the focus at this moment is on the pre-input and input base and the output base.

3.3 Metadata relevant to other business processes

The DSC does not support non-statistical metadata.