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1.1 Metadata strategy

Within the framework of the new business architecture (BA) data and metadata should be stored once and reused as much as possible. The aim is to provide for an office-wide service for the storage and the retrieval of data and metadata. This does not mean that all data is stored: only data with a certain quality meant for general use will be stored and described with the help of metadata. This is what is called steady-state data. Other metadata systems should use the central service as their source for steady-state data.

Concerning the quality of metadata, there is an additional strategy. The core metadata for the central service consists of metadata that is used internationally, preferably EU-metadata. All other metadata should be formulated in terms of this core.

1.2 Current situation

In 2009 new statistical processes are implemented step by step according to the BA. A new organizational department dealing with the storage of data and metadata is established but not yet fully operational. The 'old' metadata systems are still operational and function more or less independently.