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6.1 Overview of roles and responsibilities

51. No specialized metadata roles are necessary, since the processing of the metadata is tightly coupled with the processing of that data and the responsibilities are organized by country, i.e. each statistical staff member is responsible for a given number of countries throughout the complete statistical production process (of course the assignment of countries to statisticians is metadata itself and is stored and maintained in the same way as the rest metadata).

52. The introduction of the new Client/Server platform including the new metadata system also did not require any new roles related to the metadata since the same people are maintaining the metadata, but using the modern tools instead of the previously existing clumsy methods.


6.3 Training and knowledge management

53. No special training for the staff was necessary since all statisticians participated actively in the specification and the development of the system. As already mentioned, the main part of the system testing was performed by parallel runs on the Client/Server and Mainframe (one very important advantage of the stepwise approach) and the found problems and issues were entered into a simple bug tracking system.

54. A one-week SAS-PC training was given to the staff members in order to facilitate the transition
from the mainframe to the Client/Server platform.