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6.1 Overview of roles and responsibilities

  • Subject matter statisticians responsible for the content and for documenting the statistical activities in SCBDOC template
  • IT developers responsible for system architects, web designing and database management
  • Metadata Steering Group responsible for the coordination of the work done by the two groups mentioned above. And for taking decisions and evaluation of the activities carried out.

List of metadata contacts

Ogerta Elezaj ( Director of Information Technology Directory
Elsa Dhuli ( Director of Economical Statistics Directory

6.3 Training and knowledge management

All employees in INSTAT are trained to give them an overview of metadata concepts and how to fulfil the PSZDOC template.

A workshop was organized by INSTAT with Balkan countries to present them our Metadata system and the ongoing activities for the next year.

For the implementation of AlbMeta the IT developers are trained in Microsoft SQL Server DBMS and Microsoft Visual Basic.Net development tools. They worked together with statisticians to get knowledge of statistical concepts and statistical activities.

6.4 Partnerships and cooperation

The metadata project in INSTAT is financed by Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and Statistics Sweden (SCB).The project started in 2006 and is still ongoing. The project included consultations including study visits, different missions from international experts in metadata concepts and content. INSTAT used the SCBDoc template and the Metaplus application developed by Statistics Sweden. The project is successful, but still a lot of work should be done in improving Metadata Management tool.

INSTAT is participating for the third year in the international meetings METIS and OECD, putting together statisticians and IT developers.

6.5 Other issues

Attending METIS is of utmost importance for sharing experience with other countries and especially for standard used in data exchange such as SDMX, witch we plan to implement them in our system in the future.