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5.1 IT Architecture

The physical database model for the Central MetaData Repository is built on MetaPlus from Statistics Sweden. The MetaPlus model have been adjusted to meet the needs for INSTAT. This will mainly be done by merging the adjusted MetaPlus model (now renamed to AlbMeta) with the existing database containing metadata for all statistical activities at INSTAT (PSZ). The system is to be implemented on Microsoft SQL Server 2005. Microsoft VB.NET is used for the developing of the maintenance tool.
Current situation

5.2 Metadata Management Tools

The work with the development of the maintenance tool has just started and Visual Studio 2005 and VB.NET is used. What functions to be integrated in the tool is not decided.

5.3 Standards and formats

No standards and formats have been decided yet, but the plan is to implement the SDMX format.

5.4 Version control and revisions

No approach for version control and revisions are decided. The plan is to look at the approach in MetaPlus and customize for INSTAT needs.

5.5 Outsourcing versus in-house development

The plan is to finalize the project using in door development.

5.6 Sharing software components of tools


INSTAT is not in the position to share any software or tools at this time. Maybe at a later stage in the project.