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4.3 Implementation strategy

The project is implemented with a step-wise approach. The first phase of project served as a preparatory phase. A business structure survey was selected in this phase as pilot. Introduction of this new challenge was a focal point in small team discussions, initiated from developer. Improvements were done step by step. Another survey was used as pilot, short term statistics for a considerable period. The job continue and in the second phase of cooperation project, INSTAT-SCB, 2006-2009 putting it in top priorities. A deadline, till the end of October 2009, was decided for fulfilling the template for all statistical activities carry out from INSTAT and stored in central server. During this year, it is planned to continue developing Metadata Management Tool (AlbMeta Version 2), from the Information Technology Developers. It is panned to merge the Statistical Official Program Database with the AlbMeta Database, and to improve the User Interface.