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1.1 Metadata strategy

One of the main priorities in five years strategic plan named Official Statistical Program; (PSZ 2007-2011) was implementation of metadata in statistics. The main purpose was to inform users of statistical data about:

  •   which statistical data are available
  •   where to find and how to retrieve certain statistical data that they need
  •   how to interpret statistical data, once they are available
    To achieve the main purpose the statistical office decided to follow up the simple strategy as below:
  •   Provide business orientation as foundation for sharing data assets across entire organization;
  •   Collection of information about the data collected in an application or database.
  •   Decide how meta data would be used in the organization
  •   Decide who would use what meta data and why
  •   Develop map for managing statistical information from different sources
  •   Improve the quality of statistics produced by INSTAT
  •   Offer recognition of value of data and its component;
  •   Develop map for managing statistical information from different sources
  •   Highlight importance of central data administration
  •   Measurement of value and quality of information

Albanian Statistical Office is in partnership with SCB (representing by International Consulting Office), since 2001.

This project is financed from Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA). The main purpose of that cooperation is increasing capacities and development of a sustainable statistical system in Albania. Metadata component was put in place in the first phase of project. Furthermore, in second phase of cooperation project, 2006-2009, implementation of metadata system in statistical office was one of the main challenges. The work started with the initiation of development and implementation of a central data metadata repository. In this frame work a three days seminar was organized in INSTAT addressed both IT staff and statisticians, putting on the fact that a metadata methodology project is not an IT project but a project that concerns subject matter specialists as well.

1.2 Current situation

The work for implementation metadata at the statistical office started by documenting the statistical activities by using a modified version of SCBDOK from Statistics Sweden. METADOC database was used as a template for the creation of database model. The five year Official Statistical Program (PSZ) was used as base for fulfilling template called PSZDOC. The process started with application of this template in yearly and quarterly survey on Business Statistics and in one of the administrative information.

A number of surveys, even in economic or social activities have the similar procedure in organization, rules for designing the questionnaire, data entry, tabulation plan, checking phase, controlling, validation of data, processing, dissemination and publication.

In a short time all activities in Business Statistics had their PSZDOC accompanying by a number of annexes, where each step is explain in detailed, in both languages in Albanian and English.

The PSZDOC contain necessary information related with general information, data collection methods and process, concepts and definitions, statistical process, to be used as a base for initiating a survey or using other administrative information. This practise was followed and for the other activities carry out in INSTAT.

At this time PSZDOC is fulfilled for all activities descript in PSZ strategic plan.

All PSZDOC documentations are stored in a central server. For each directory one folder is created and necessary information is stored there. The working group composed by statisticians and IT developer have controlled the process of fulfilling the template. This process is considered as first phase for implementation of metadata; even it needs to improve and to be ready for starting the second phase.

In early 2009 MetaPlus was considered to be a much better and modern system than SCBDOK and METADOK so the project decided to use MetaPlus as a template instead of SCBDOK and METADOK.