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5.1 IT Architecture

The IT architecture at Statistics Sweden aims at maintaining a comprehensive Swedish statistics system. It should be focusing on:

  • Consistency, structured and well documented data warehouse(s)
  • Use registers when possible
  • Minimize duplicate data and data transports
  • Support process oriented production
  • Support efficient data collection
  • Support flexible dissemination

The foundation of the system is 3 base registers, individuals, business/organizations and real estate. The base registers are statistical register that are:

  • Managing basic object types 
    • Defines object types and connections 
  • Center of "sphere of interest" 
  • Autonomous 
    • Has links to other base registers 
  • Containing stock variables (mainly) 
  • Containing time-stamped data

An overview of the architecture vision:


5.2 Metadata Management Tools

MetaPlus contains an administrative tool. In addition a Super cross database for identifying areas for harmonization and outputs for using metadata in production has been created.

5.3 Standards and formats

The classification database KDB is an implementation of Neuchâtel Terminology for Classifications. The variables part of the MetaPlus system is based on ISO/IEC 11179. 

5.4 Version control and revisions

All metadata in MetaPlus have a "valid to", "valid from" date stamp with a possibility to add time series and historical information. All metadata is logged and can be recreated. 
All reference metadata in SCBDOK and Description of the statistics have a reference time.  

5.5 Outsourcing versus in-house development

All metadata systems are developed in-house. SSD metadata is developed within the PC-Axis cooperation. 

5.6 Sharing software components of tools


Statistics Sweden can share the MetaPlus system and the business process model with other organizations. The MetaPlus model is available in English and a crude translation of the MetaPlus application is available in English.