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3.1 Metadata Classification

Statistics Sweden does not use any metadata classification other than the distinction between reference metadata and formalized metadata. The reference metadata are used for descriptions of the production process and for the published statistics, these are published on the internet. The quality framework mentioned above is for handling quality metadata. Macro metadata is handled in the statistical databases, but the long term plan is for this system to be connected to and fed by the common metadata repository. 

3.2 Metadata used/created at each phase

During 2008 a project to map the process map to the existing metadata systems was carried out. The outcome of this mapping is going to be used in the Process support system.

1. Specify needs

2. Develop and Design 

3. Build and test 

4. Collect 

5. Process 

6. Analyse

7. Disseminate and communicate 
The statistical database - Makro meta 
Description of the statistics 
Quality declaration

8 Evaluate and feedback

9 Support and infrastructure. 
For all or several phases of the production process, the product database, SCBDOK, the classification data base and the process support system.  

3.3 Metadata relevant to other business processes

Arken, the Archiving system

The Arken database is the tool for archiving and lists all archived material listed. Here you can find documents from your business in both paper and electronic form. It uses metadata from the MetaPlus system. 

PuL, Data acts requests

By Swedish law anyone can obtain the information on them in a data register. This means that all registers containing personal information is listed by the PuL-system. If a final observation records containing personal data, it must available for PUL-system. The PUL-system collects and presents the information Statistics Sweden has stored on a person. The PUL system retrieves by using the metadata in MetaPlus.