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2.1 Statistical information model


2.2 Adoption of GSIM


2.3 Statistical business process model

Statistics New Zealand's business process model is illustrated here.

Extensive consultation was undertaken across the organisation to develop the generic Business Process Model (gBPM), including many business process modelling sessions. Having undertaken the consultative processes it was agreed that the gBPM will fit the direction that Statistics NZ was taking. We are working on some minor variations of the gBPM to better fit Data Integration and Feasibility Studies.

Also refer to this diagram illustrating data flow through the statistical production cycle .

Mapping to the CMF generic survey life cycle model:

Common Metadata Framework 
Generic survey life cycle

Statistics NZ business process model

1. Need


2. Develop and design

Develop and design

3. Build


4. Collect


5. Process


6. Analyse


7. Disseminate


8. Archive

within the sub-processes so that archiving is considered at all relevant stages

9. Evaluate

not explicit in Statistics NZ model

2.4 Relation to other models