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6.1 Overview of roles and responsibilities

In CBS there are 25 subject-matter departments with statisticians responsible for respective statistical surveys. They manage statistical surveys according the periodicity and they are responsible for the timelines and quality of statistics. Data of almost all statistical surveys are handled and processed in the IT sector where appropriate software is applied by application developers / information system developers / programmers. The SW is developed upon the written requirement issued by the statistician in charge. The requirement document is a template based on the needs of IT experts to process any survey.

By implementing CROMETA we expect some changes of roles, namely more work should be completed on locations where and when the need originates, instead of following the much more time-consuming procedure of central data processing.

6.2 Metadata management team

The CROMETA development project has been divided in two parts, as defined in July 2004:

  • the Metadata Methodology sub-project with the task to form and define the conceptual metadata methodology for CBS, based on mapping of all existing metadata models and definition of processes needed to reach a comprehensive metadata solution. The result of this project should be the basis for technical implementation.
  • the Technical Implementation sub-project with the goal to develop the solution to physical implementation of the conceptual model of CBS' metadata on MS SQL Server 2000 (later upgraded to the MS SQL Server 2005) and metadata management tool. The result of this project should be the implementation of the 'empty' metadata container and the user interface.

Each sub-project had its own development team consisting of 7 - 8 people; between them one project leader, 1 - 2 full time developers, others as supporting members with 30-75% engagements in the respective project. Unfortunately, the project suffered a significant loss of resources, nevertheless the interesting and challenging work. By the year 2007 the metadata repository was practically completed by three developers.

6.3 Training and knowledge management

There are several lines of education necessary for CROMETA implementation. First, the IT developers should be trained and experienced in database design, Microsoft SQL Server DBMS, Microsoft Visual Basic.NET development tools and they should also have a rather thorough knowledge of statistical activities. Newly employed developers usually attend Microsoft MOC seminars.

Second, the users within CBS should be trained in using the metadata maintenance tool to enter and maintain their metadata, to create a new survey upon another one, to handle versions and history etc. Apart of detailed user manuals, workshops and hands-on trainings are planned for statisticians. The training will be prepared and performed by CROMETA developers.

6.4 Partnerships and cooperation

The cooperation with Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and Statistics Sweden (SCB) was established in CBS in 2002 upon an agreement on technical help signed by Croatia and Sweden. The first project was named Support for the creation of public macro databases and a central metadata repository at the Central Bureau of Statistics of Croatia. The project included consultations carried on through numerous missions, study visits, IT education, procurement of hardware, software and literature etc. The progress was monitored by Sida assessment missions twice a year and an independent expert mission once a year. All assessments proclaimed the project as very successful and the work done was considered as a model for other countries in the region.

In 2006, the final stage of the project was named Development of an Integrated Statistical Information System (ISIS) at the Central Bureau of Statistics of Croatia. It was divided in two parts, one performed by Sida and SCB and the other by a private company ConsciousTM from Stockholm, Sweden - procured directly by Sida. The SCB part ended in April 2007 and the Conscious part in September 2007.