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2.1 Statistical information model


2.2 Adoption of GSIM


2.3 Statistical business process model

he majority of CBS´s statistical surveys are processed in following steps:

  1. Planning all activities
  2. Survey design and description
  3. Data capture and file transfer
  4. Validity checking against preset rules and producing error-list to be presented to the statistician in charge
  5. On-line correction
  6. Tabulation, i.e. producing statistics for statisticians supervision
  7. Publishing, i.e. producing first releases and other statistics
  8. Archiving
  9. Monitoring It should be noted that mentioned steps refer to the processing stage of any particular statistical survey or, in other words, to the statistical survey as seen from the perspective of the IT sector. Mapped to the CMF model, the steps described above fit the model as follows:

2.4 Relation to other models