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6.1 Overview of roles and responsibilities


Responsible SORS unit

Classification server

General methodology and standards

Registry of surveys, survey instances, working plan

General methodology and standards

Annual programme of statistical surveys

General methodology and standards

Working journal

General methodology and standards

Quality reports and standard quality reports

General methodology and standards

Terminology database

General methodology and standards

Advance release calendar

General methodology and standards

Standardisation of questionnaires

General methodology and standards

Statistical process

General methodology and standards


EDP infrastructure and technology


EDP infrastructure and technology

Metadata in dissemination

Department for Electronic Dissemination

6.2 Metadata management team

There is no permanent metadata management team for the moment.

6.3 Training and knowledge management

Due to the increasing complexity of the application environment, constant education of (internal) users is a key factor which enables efficient work and prevents incompetent or unsafe use of information equipment. SORS prepared and continually carry out targeted seminars and workshops for users in order to raise the level of their knowledge.
Work in IT requires trained experts, so the constant development of competences of the employees of SIIT is necessary. Considering that SORS is an institution which works with data, the competence of information personnel is of a key importance for its proper functioning and further development.
SORS constantly makes sure that its information personnel are adequately trained. An activity which will enable even more focused and efficient training is the typing of working places in IT and more emphasis on self-education at the working place. Operating results frequently depend on how well employees are informed on the strategic and tactical guidelines of SORS, which can be improved with workshops and brainstorming, and participation in interdisciplinary project groups which deal with development activities.

6.4 Partnerships and cooperation

SORS is participating in relevant international meetings, for instance METIS, OECD and Eurostat. SORS is also member of PC-Axis reference group.
The classification server was developed with thorough documentation from Statistics New Zealand.
The majority of the projects from 1997 up to now were financed within PHARE (COP98, STAT2000, cca 2,5 mio Euro) and 2005 Transition Facility Program (ISIS, cca 1,2 mio Euro).

6.5 Other issues

SORS is carefully studying solutions developed elsewhere. The case studies published on UN/ECE website are of utmost importance for our office.