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  • Some most important experiences and conclusions from our practice:
  • SMS strategy in terms of contents and methodology must be fully in the responsibility of the statistical office,
  • SMS design and implementation should be organized in the multidisciplinary working teams;
  • design and implementation of the SMS project must be managed and systematically monitored by the top management,
  • it is necessary to persistently obey the SMS system principles and to maintain a positive motivation of most wide circle of subject-matter statisticians and methodologists; in this respect the CZSO benefited from involvement of external expert as a consultant to the Office President,
  • consistent co-ordination of time-scheduled workloads in the SMS project, the SIS Redesign project and current activities of the Office,
  • purchasing of financial funds must be systematically monitored by the statistical office in relation to the stage of the project implementation, on the basis of functional specification and qualified estimate of man-hours. It is important to use all potential sources of funding (external and internal sources),
  • financial costs of the operational running of the SMS should be covered from the Office budget.

Abbreviations used in the text (alphabetically ordered):



Business System Options


Extract, Transform and Load

ePDF(inteligent) eletronic questionnaire


Global Architecture of Statistical Information System


Information and Communication Technology


Life Cycle of Statistical Task


Public Data Base


Project Steering Committee


Structural Business Statistics


Statistical Information


Statistical Information System


Statistical Metainformation System

SBPStatistical Busines Process


Statistical Task


Technical System Options











Characteristics of individual functional blocks (FB)

FB NEED – special module for recording and evaluation of new requirement for statistical surveys improvement or changes; statistical departments of the CZSO and external users are the main users of this module. Users who want to propose some changes or improvement of statistical surveys, carried out by the CZSO, are oblige to use this NEED application to put down their proposals, recommendations and needs.  The application is accessible for our registered external users on our web site. For internal users (statisticians) we use internal version of the application.

FB SMS – Metainformation system –; it creates the basic source of metadata for preparation and compilation of set of applications for individual statistical tasks. The FB comprises seven modules:

a)      Basic modules

►    CLASS - Statistical classifications and code-list;

►    VAR - Statistical variables;

►    TASKS - Statistical tasks;

b)      Extension modules

►    CENTRAL – metadata for central processing control;

►    QUALITY – metadata on quality;   

►    TIME-SERIES – metadata on time-series;

►    OUTPUTS – metadata description of outputs;


a)      Preparation modules

►    STP – statistical task scheduling;

►    ENRICO_D, ENFICO_Q – contain following main functions:

  • graphical design of the statistical questionnaire (form and content);
  • generation of the “intelligent” electronic questionnaire ePDF
  • preparation metadata detailed specifications for compilation of the Dante, Dante-web applications;

►    ISAAC – compiler of validation rules defined in the TASKS module; validation rules are defined in the TASKS module in specific non-procedural language;

►    RICHARD – compiler of statistical task technical documentation of individual tasks;

►    DANTE – specification of structures of Dante, Dante-web data input modules

►    DANTE-WEB – design of the Dante-web on-line data entry module;

b)      Processing modules

►    DANTE-EVID – module for personification of statistical questionnaires (ePDF, DANTE-WEB application);

►    DANTE-P&S – module for data entry from paper questionnaires and for storing data from ePDF questionnaires into input database;

►    DANTE-WEB – module for on-line data entry into input database;

►    DANTE-OUT – module for compilation of checking tables of the data entry processing;

►    DANTE-UF – module for transformation of the input database structure into the universal format (UF) structure needed for the input to the central processing (FB CENTRAL);

FB CENTRAL – set of modules needed for central processing and compilation of processing results (output tables and output data). The FB comprises:

a)      Preparation modules

►    CENTRAL-RD – this module evaluates the list of reporting units selected from SSREG module (based on the specification in the TASKS module) and creates set of typical complex-questioners comprise basic questionnaires, annexes and enclosures;

►    EVID – register of individual reporting units (selected by the SSREG module) and ordered accordingly to the individual statistical tasks; The module is the source of contact data for personification of statistical questionnaires (ePDF, Dante-web);

►    SSREG – system of statistical registers (Business register, Farm register and Territorial units register). Applications of this module select individual units from the Business register based on response duty specified in the SMS-TASKS module;

b)      Processing modules

►    CENTRAL-CSU1 – kernel module for processing input data from the FB INPUT. It contains main functions: (i) transformation of input data in the UF format for loading input data into production database, (ii) check procedures, (iii) aggregation of input data, (iv) transformation of aggregated data inf UF format for storing data into data warehouse (DWH). For imputation missing data uses the CENTRAL-Imputation module;

►    CENTRAL-Imputation – module for imputation missing values  in the FB INPUT and FB CENTRAL;

►    GVO module for compilation of output tables based on the specification prepared in the SMS-OUPUTS module;

►    CENTRAL-IN/OUT – module for transformation of data set from external sources in the internal UF format for the processing under the FB CENTRAL and for transformation of UF format in specific formats of the output data sets;

►    DWH – central data storage of processed input and output data; each data item is accompanied with full metadata describing the content of the data item;

c)      Specific modules

►    Data marts – special applications for definition and  creation of concrete data marts using by statisticians for compilation of various analytical outputs;

►    PDB – public database containing public data only; it applications are available to the external users to have a look on pre-prepared tables, to download certain amount of data or to define and process specific tables using PDB tools;


a)      Internal dissemination modules

►    Monitoring module – module for getting information on regular and right dissemination of the output product of the CZSO;

►    Planning module – module serving for scheduling of the dissemination programme of the CZSO’s products, especially setting up the terms for realising main statistical information;

►    User register – module for registration of external users who are the receivers of statistical information;

►    Support of economic processes – module for recording requests (orders) for statistical information, publications and electronic data sets which are the object of paid services of the Office and for elaboration of invoices for delivered services;

b)      External dissemination modules

►    Editorial system -

►    Reporting unit portal (portal for respondents) – module which offers to the respondents of statistical surveys their response duty, patterns of statistical questionnaires and tools for filling in statistical questioners (in form of ePDF, on-line filling in and paper form)


FB Integration toolscontains modules for general utilization of login procedure to the applications and internal standard for the graphical layout of web presentations.

►    Technical Architecture – general end detail descriptions of  technical architecture of computing centre ICT infrastructure ( location and identification servers, description of the communication network structure, procedures and rules for login/logon into the infrastructure etc.)

►    SSO external – module carrying out the procedures for login/logon of registered external users;

►    SSO internal – module carrying out the procedures for login/logon of registered internal users (employees of the CZSO);

Dissemination Visual Integration – a manual defined the unique layout of internet prezentations;