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The list mentioned below provides key points of "lessons learned" from planning developing and maintaining metadata management system:

  •   Design of the new information system should be based on the results of deep analysis of the statistical processes and data flows;
  •   Clear objectives of achievements have to be set up, discussed and approved by all parties involved: statisticians, IT, Administration;
  •   As the result of feasibility study we clearly understood, that all steps of statistical data processing for different surveys allows standardization, while each survey may require complementary functionality (non standard procedures), which is necessary just for this exact survey data processing;
  •   For solving problems with the non-standard procedures interfaces for data export/import to/from system has been developed to ensure use of the standard statistical data processing software packages and other generalized software available in market;
  •   Within the process of the design and implementation of Metadata driven integrated statistical information system both parties - statisticians and IT specialists should be involved from the very beginning;
  •   Clear division of the tasks and responsibilities between statisticians and IT personal is the key point to achieve successful implementation;
  • • Both parties have to have clear understanding of all statistical processes, which will be covered by the system, as well as Metadata meaning and role within the system from production and user sides;
  •   Initiative to move from classical stove-pipe production approach to process oriented have to come from statisticians side and not from IT personnel or administration, therefore motivation of the statisticians to move from existing to the new data processing environment is essential;
  •   Improvement of knowledge about Metadata is one of the most important tasks through out of the all process of the design and implementation phases of the project (knowledge of theoretical aspects);
  •   It is necessary to establish and train special group of statisticians, which will maintain Metadata base and which will be responsible for accurateness of Metadata;
  •   To achieve the best performance of the entire system it is important to organize the execution of the statistical processes in the right sequence;
  •   Data electronic archiving reduces human resources (at the moment 2 persons), time of archiving and physical amount of archiving information (In 2000, the amount of the archiving information of Population Census has occupied the space in 21 m3 which was equal to 4 DVD). It should be highlighted that the expenses of CSB for deposition in the State Archives of Latvia are reduced as well;
  •   IT developers must draw an attention on Sub-process 3.6 and get submission from statisticians that this process is being tested, because statistician is the best in their field;
  •   Taking into consideration experience of CSB of Latvia for creating Metadata system, which is based on MS products, the following key points are actual:
  • For the administration and maintenance of the system it is necessary to have well trained
    IT staff, which is familiar with the MS SQL Server administration, MS Analysis Service,
    other MS tools, PC AXIS family products and system Data model, system applications;