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6.1 Overview of roles and responsibilities

There are several organizational units involved in development and maintenance of metainformation systems.

The information with regard to the roles and responsibilities of the staff is available in Annual Report 2008 of Central Statistical Bureau.

6.3 Training and knowledge management

CSB staff training for working with IMD SDMS was realized by CSB staff. The training provides all necessary knowledge for all subject matter units. This training includes the detailed considering within full cycle of system production processes.

In general, the employees have opportunity to improve their own skills in the training of European statisticians. In the training they can acquire knowledge on current statistical subjects, as well as, basic knowledge of European statistics. The above courses mainly offer knowledge that is not possible to acquire in each individual country. The courses are conducted by highly qualified experts in the respective areas both from the member states of the European Union and various international organisations and institutions. The courses take place across a broad geographical area - in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Luxembourg, etc.