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2.1 Statistical information model


2.2 Adoption of GSIM


2.3 Statistical business process model

The Statistical Business Process Model of CSB, presented in Scheme 2 (SBPM of CSB) defines the business processes needed to produce official statistics at CSB (for the description of quality assessment of processes at national and international level based on statistical sources). SBPM of CSB that was presented below is not an official statistical business process model.
The business process model has not adopted yet by CSB. We took a Generic Statistical Business Process Model (GSBPM) and have highlighted those model parts, which are covered by our IMD SDMS system. We mapped system functionalities with GSBPM to visualize consistency between model level and implemented data processing system in use. The SBPM of CSB presented with regard to the Metadata Management process. The SBPM of CSB comprises for levels: Level 0, the Metadata Management process; Level 1, the nine phases of the Metadata Management process; Level 2, the sub-processes within each phase; Level 3, a description of those sub-processes. SBPM shows two overarching processes as well: Quality management and Support processes that apply throughout the Metadata Management process.

2.4 Relation to other models