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2.1 Statistical information model


2.2 Adoption of GSIM


2.3 Statistical business process model

The BA principles:

  1.   A strict distinction is made between the data that are actually processed and the metadata that describe
      the definitions, the quality and the process activities
  2.   No regular production takes place without controlling metadata (process model and rules)
  3.   During the design of the statistical process, the benefits of re-use are exploited to the maximum degree,
      both within and outside Statistics Netherlands
  4.   The metadata (of steady states) are generally accessible and are standardised as much as possible
  5.   The production of statistics is output-driven
  6.   Observational inputdata are stored as observed (in the inputbase). Publishable outputdata are stored as
      published (in the outputbase).
  7.   Steady states are traceable
  8.   Steady states are explicitly designed for re-use.
  9.   Versions of steady states are mutually related
  10.   A distinction is made between the statistical production process
      and the management of the statistical production process.

2.4 Relation to other models