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3.1 Metadata Classification

The only metadata classification we have needed in-house so far is the distinction between conceptual and contextual metadata. This probably reflects the fact that we are only just beginning to try to integrate the metadata in the production lifecycle.

3.2 Metadata used/created at each phase

Here we list the metadata systems per GSBPM phase rather than the metadata. Please see section 4 for the contents of our metadata systems.

Specify needs - Vardok, Stabas and Adminstrative system for products, projects and processes

Design - Stabas

Build - None

Collect - Datadok and Metadb

Process - Datadok and Metadb

Analyse - Vardok, Stabas and About the statistics

Disseminate - Metadata portal, About the statistics, About the data collection, StatBank. Service library for metadata systems (Stabas, Vardok, Datadok, Metadb).  

3.3 Metadata relevant to other business processes

Our current Adminstrative system for products, projects and processes is linked to management and budgeting.