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Currently in GSIM it seems you can only build 'flat' Category Sets and Code Lists - the only time a hierarchy is introduced is through the inclusion of Level in a Classification Item for Classification Schemes.

Some thoughts for discussion:

  1. Should it be possible to create a Hierarchical Code List (ie, a code list with a hierarchy that is not a classification scheme), or a Category Set (a hierarchical set of Categories that have not been enumerated by Codes)?
  2. Are the current definitions of Category Set and Code List broad enough to allow for the possibility of a hierarchical set?
  3. Should Category Set and Code List also include a relationship with Level? (Allowing for the building of hierarchical set)


  1. Hi All,

    Ok, in terms of the original questions I posed above, I've since looked closer at GSIM and figured out the answers... so never mind!

    But rather than delete the original discussion point (aside from the fact I can't figure out how to...) I thought I'd leave it up there and instead change the focus to a need to review the diagrams in the GSIM Specification document.

    The only way in which I could determine the answers to the questions above, was through the use of only one diagram out of all of the concept related ones. In fact, the majority of other diagrams (see below for a rough list) around concepts and classifications are almost misleading, in that they don't contain any of the information that I was after. Figure 39 (p178) is the only figure in the whole of the specification document that shows that levels are used between Nodes and Node Sets (thereby allowing for hierarchical codelists and category sets). All other diagrams either don't show level at all (ie the category/code to category set/code list diagrams), or only show it in the context of the Classification Item and Classification Scheme.




    Figure 15 (p 23) - Overview of Classification (level in context of classification scheme)

    Figure 16 (p 24) - Concept Systems (code list and category set, no level)

    Figure 35 (p 173) - Classification Class Diagram (level in context of classification scheme)

    Figure 36 (p 174) - Category-Code Class Diagram (code list and category set, no level)

    Figure 39 (p178) - Node-Relationship Class Diagram (shows level in context of nodes and node sets.)



  2. Recommendation:

    We should change the diagrams to include Level in the next release.

    A new picture to be provided in the interim.

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