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One of the conclusions from a High-level Seminar on Modernization of Statistical Production and Services (St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, 3-5 October 2012) was:

"Big data is an increasing challenge. The official statistical community needs to better understand the issues, and develop new methods, tools and ideas to make effective use of Big data sources. This includes closer integration with geographical data and standards."

As a follow up activity, it was proposed that the High-Level Group for the Modernization of Statistical Production and Services should provide "a document explaining the issues surrounding the use of “big data” in the official statistics community".

A paper that aims to address this requirement has been produced by a group of leading international experts under the supervision of the High-Level Group.

The paper is available in English here.  

Other language versions:



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  1. Dear colleagues,

    I would like to suggest some additional points to the chapter IV - Challenges. I think it would be better to add some another categories of challenges, such as:

    Institutional, i.e. issues related to avaibility of appropriate institutions capable of supporting Big data quality and comparability;

    Methodological, i.e. ...(existing text)..., and also issues related to the statistical literacy deficiency;

    Communicational, i.e. shortage of statistical knowledge and skills transfer mechanisms between official statistics and institutions producing Big data.

    Best regards,

    Nana Aslamazishvili

    Head of Monetary Statistics Division

    National Bank of Georgia

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