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Following the success of the first UNECE seminar on data collection in 2012, the general view amongst participants was that work in this forum should continue.  We will therefore be holding a second seminar in September 2013.  To maximise the usefulness of this community, however, we would like to capture your thoughts on how we can move beyond seminars, towards the development of a programme of work which produces valuable outputs for the official statistics community.  What might this programme of work consist of?  Where can the unique intergovernmental platform offered by UNECE be leveraged to add value as compared to work at the national level?

Suggestions given during the seminar and in response to the survey of participants included many topic areas-- but how would you like to see these topics translated into actions?  For example, online spaces for sharing materials; joint preparation of guidance or standards; research; etc.

To respond to this question please enter your comment in the box at the bottom of the page.


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