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Demographic Yearbook

 • Continue to compile and disseminate demographic statistics in the • Continue to compile and disseminate demographic statistics in the printed issues of the United Nations Demographic Yearbook and on the website.

 • Continue to provide all the data reported to the Demographic Yearbook in electronic format via the UNData portal.

• Further develop the storage and retrieval system for maintaining the demographic database.

• The UNSD coordinates the collection of demographic statistics with the WHO, EUROSTAT, ILO and the Economic Commission for Europe in order to minimize the reporting burden on the national statistical services and to provide as wide a range of users as possible with access to demographic statistics shown in international statistical publications including the United Nations Demographic Yearbook.

Migration Statistics

• Continue the work on the analysis of statistical methodology applied for measuring international migration through censuses, sample surveys and administrative sources.

• Annual collection of data on international migrant flows through the revised Demographic Yearbook questionnaire is put in place and initiated.