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Business Statistics and Entrepreneurship

• To provide official annual data for detailed industrial and service sectors (at the 4 digit ISIC level), consistent and relevant for international comparison in order to meet policy makers' and analysts' needs for structural business statistics for detailed economic sectors. Three databases are currently maintained.

• To develop a program of internationally-comparable indicators of entrepreneurship, its determinants and its impacts, to inform policy-analysis and policy-making. This activity is called Entrepreneurship Indicators Program (EIP).

Objectives and outputs

• The databases on structural business statistics (SSIS) and (BSC), updated through a joint questionnaire with UNIDO, contain annual data on core economic variables, relating to both industry and services, at a very detailed level of ISIC revision 3 (up to the 4th digit level). They cover such variables as production, value added, investment, number of enterprises, employment, wages and salaries, and hours worked. Statistics are derived mainly from structural business surveys, censuses and administrative sources.

• The BSC database contains this information broken down by enterprise size class.

• Business Demography statistics include indicators of birth, death and survival rates and high growth firms - all based on the Eurostat-OECD Manual on Business Demography Statistics published in 2007.

• The publication Entrepreneurship at a Glance, published annually, presents the original collection of business demography indicators and structural statistics on businesses by size class.

Non-member countries involved in the activity

• Brazil, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovenia Former


• SDBS - Business Demography Indicators

• SDBS – Structural Business Statistics

Main Developments for 2013

General aspects

• Expected improvements to SDBS statistics in 2013 include:

- the extension of the country coverage in the collection of comparable business demography statistics;

- the publication of the third issue of Entrepreneurship at a Glance in June 2013.

Data collection

• Extension of the country coverage in the collection of entrepreneurship statistics is expected. It is also expected that other entrepreneurship indicators will be identified and added.