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2.6 International trade and balance of payments (ITF on International Trade in Services)
Trade in Services

 • The revised Manual on Statistics of International Trade in Services (MSITS), produced by seven agencies, was adopted by the United Nations Statistical Committee in February 2010 and released in its electronic format in early 2011. 

 • The Task Force (TFSITS), convened by OECD, coordinates technical cooperation efforts between agencies to aid countries' implementation of the MSITS's recommendations. The Task Force has developed a free training module on trade in services coordinated by the World Trade Organization and with the World Bank.

• Work on compilation guidance to the MSITS, will form the main priority of the TFSITS in 2013, where an expert group, with national representatives, on the compilation of SITS (EG-CSITS) has also been created.

• The next biannual meeting of the Task Force on Statistics of International Trade in Services will take place towards the end of March 2013. There will also be a face to face meeting of the expert group on the compilation of SITS in June in Geneva to finalise the MSITS Compiler's Guide. The second meeting of the ITFITS for 2013 is provisionally scheduled for the 17th of October, following the OECD Working Party on Trade in Goods and Services (WPTGS) which is provisionally scheduled for the 14th to the 16th of October in Paris.

• Data collection on ITS is coordinated as far as possible by the 7 agencies to avoid duplication of effort e.g. through standard questionnaires and codes for reporting the data, and data sharing.

• A UNSD web page, with a Newsletter, provides a central reference point for information about MSITS, the work of the TFSITS, seminars, and other new developments. ( This provides links to the other Organisations web pages on trade in services. OECD and UNSD have established email hotlines (respectively and for inquiries about the work on trade in services.

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