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Technical Assistance

• The statistical capabilities of ILO constituents vary, and a considerable upgrading of capacity is needed in many areas. The ILO provides technical support for labour and decent work statistics to member States in the form of technical advice and assistance, training, manuals, and technical cooperation projects. This assistance is provided under the auspices of the ILO's Decent Work Country Programmes. It is demand-driven, depending on the availability of resources. Requests for assistance may derive from the application of the Labour Statistics Convention 1985 (160).

• Technical assistance is served from the ILO Offices in Bangkok, Dakar, Santiago, Pretoria, Budapest, Moscow, and by National Coordinators, as well as from the ILO Headquarters in Geneva.

Training Programme of the ILO Department of Statistics

• The ILO Department of Statistics maintains its training programme to support:
a) ILO constituents to increase their capacity to produce reliable statistics and labour market information for the best use in effective decision-making, to achieve decent work for all and;
b) to enhance ILO staff knowledge and use of modern statistical methods regarding data collection and analysis so as to optimize their service to member States, to assist them to meet their goals of Decent Work for all.

• The ILO will conduct its annual LMI2 course on "Designing labour force surveys and labour force modules for household surveys". The course in English will take place on 15-19 April 2013 at the ILO Training Center in Turin, Italy. Planning for the French version of this course will take place in the course of 2013.