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5.1 Overview of roles and responsibilities

A central metadata unit has been established. Currently the central metadata unit works on the coordination of the different parts in the organisation(s) that deal with metadata.

Metadata used by Destatis' output database (GENESIS) is coordinated by the dissemination department, where an editorial team reviews the cube descriptions. Similar solutions are used at the Länder offices.

Metadata that describes public and scientific use files is stored in the RDC-metadata system. The RDC-system is jointly maintained by Destatis' RDC and the RDCs of the Länder offices.

Production metadata is being cared for by the subject matter departments. Different roles exist in the layout of the .BASE-system.

5.2 Metadata management team

The central metadata unit currently consists of 3 people and was established in 2007. As mentioned, there are two working groups in the Verbund, which are responsible for coordinating metadata related activities in the Verbund. One is step 12 - metadata as part of SteP (introduced 2008). This group is responsible for the general coordination of metadata. The other is the Census working group responsible for dealing with census issues, which started work at the end of 2007.
Details of roles and responsibilities for the new systems are still being worked on.

5.3 Training and knowledge management

There are no courses entirely dedicated to metadata management. Metadata issues are covered by courses on the GENESIS cube database. The various RDCs run courses to introduce internal users to the RDC-metadata system. With the beginning of 2009 this work has been passed on to Destatis' metadata unit.

5.4 Partnerships and cooperation

Destatis participates in international METIS meetings. In addition, there has been knowledge sharing with other statistical offices. We consulted the Swiss Federal Statistical Office on general issues of metadata management (esp. implementation of the Neuchâtel model and its application in the census). Statistics Norway participated in a joint workshop with Destatis and the Bavarian State Office for Statistics and Data Processing to discuss the design of classification databases. Issues for discussion were our KlassService redesign and plans by Statistics Norway to redesign their classification server.

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