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UNECE Statistical Division

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New training material: instructions for entering information

  • Create a new page using
  • You will be prompted for a title. The title should begin with the word 'Input' followed by a full-stop (period) and then the title of your training material. Give your entry a clear and concise title remembering that you will be able to give more detail later on.
  • Fill in the fields of the template table as completely as possible with the requested information.
  • The main topic areas and sub-topics are identical to those used in DISA [(The Database of International Statistical Activities)]. Choose at least one main topic area and one sub-topic so that your entry can be labelled (see below).
  • In the 'Description/comments' field, aim for 5-10 lines as an abstract to help the user decide whether or not the material fits their needs.
  • Upload any attachments using the green plus sign at the bottom of the table. You can add several attachments to one entry. Ensure the file names are those that you wish end-users to see. However, whenever possible, choose relatively stable, publicly accessible web links rather than attachments.
  • Add labels to classify the material: see instructions below.
  • Save your entry
  • If you have any problems, ask Fiona for assistance.

    Labelling entries

The organization of this library depends upon consistent labels being applied to all the materials included in it, since entries are automatically listed under the different headings according to their labels. Therefore please ensure that you select all the appropriate labels and that they are spelled correctly.

To add or change labels, click 'edit labels' at the bottom left of the screen. As you start typing a label, the wiki software will 'guess' what you are typing based on recently used labels, and will provide a list of suggested labels that have been used frequently. Picking from these lists is easier than typing them all yourself.

  • All entries need to have a minimum of four labels. The first label must be 'input'. The other three (or more) will be labels to indicate their topic, sub-topic and entry type
  • The labels you add should correspond to the box(es) you ticked when entering information about your training material
  • Topic labels are topic_1, topic_2 ... up to topic_5
  • Sub-topic labels are topic_1-1, topic_3-4, etc. up to topic_5-7 (note the position of underscore and hyphen)
  • Entry type labels are type_slides, type_doc, type_vid, type_soft and type_web
  • If you feel that an item is wrongly labelled, please consult with that item's contact person before changing it.

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[*Add an entry to the library* (UNECE staff only)]

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