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These case studies are largely identical to those included in the printed publication (published May 2007).  However, where countries have provided updates, removed a case study, or provided an entirely new case study, the entries on this wiki have been updated accordingly.

List of case studies

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Click the button below to create your blank case study.  Then select 'edit contents' near the top right of your screen to show the boxes which you should fill in with text, before clicking 'save' at the bottom right of the screen.  You must also change the page title. When you are in editing mode you will see prompts giving you more information on what should go in each box.

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Page: Annex 1.1. Legislation to support release of microdata - Australia Page: Annex 1.2. Legislation to support release of microdata - Finland Page: Annex 1.3. Data cubes - Netherlands Page: Annex 1.4. Public use microdata - United States Page: Annex 1.5. Release of anonymised microdata files (licensed files) - Australia Page: Annex 1.6. Release of licensed microdata files - Netherlands Page: Annex 1.7. Release of licensed microdata files - Sweden Page: Annex 1.8. Remote data access facilities - Canada Page: Annex 1.9. Remote access facility (for microdata access) - Australia Page: Annex 1.10. Remote access to microdata files - Denmark Page: Annex 1.11. Research data centre program - Canada Page: Annex 1.12. Research data centres - United States Page: Annex 1.13. Data laboratory arrangements - Netherlands Page: Annex 1.14. Data laboratory microdata access - New Zealand Page: Annex 1.15. Data laboratory microdata access - Brazil Page: Annex 1.16. Microdata laboratory analysis - Italy Page: Annex 1.17. Managing decision making on confidentiality - Slovenia Page: Annex 1.18. Managing decision making on confidentiality - Australia Page: Annex 1.19. Microdata access in the OECD programmes for international student assessment (PISA) Page: Annex 1.20. Policy on international release of microdata - Australia Page: Annex 1.21. Management of record linkage projects - Canada Page: Annex 1.22. Access to anonymized census microdata samples via the IPUMS-international and the integrated european census microdata websites - University of Minnesota Population Center Page: Annex 1.23. Access to anonymised microdata - Czech Republic Page: New Case Study PLEASE CHANGE TITLE