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1.8 Justice and crime (HEUNI)

The European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control, affiliated with the United Nations (HEUNI) is the European link in the network of institutes operating within the framework of the United Nations Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Programme. HEUNI was established through an Agreement between the United Nations and the Government of Finland, signed on 23 December 1981. HEUNI is based in Helsinki, Finland.

The primary objective of HEUNI is to promote the international exchange of information on crime prevention and control among European countries. The frame of reference is given by the United Nations Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Programme, as well as the specific needs of the European countries.

HEUNI's activities include:

• Organization of seminars, training courses and expert group meetings;
• Promotion of technical assistance;
• Research.

HEUNI also seeks to help in identifying, for interested governments, institutions and individual experts, sources of information on recent developments in crime, criminal justice and criminal policy throughout Europe.

The administrative and budgetary responsibility for HEUNI lies with the Government of Finland. HEUNI operates under the joint auspices of the United Nations and the Government of Finland.

Ongoing projects

Developing a Methodology to Collect Data on Community Sanctions and Measures and Attrition Rates in Europe (DECODEUR)

The purpose of this project is to use the expertise available within the European Sourcebook Group and the Conférence permanente Européenne de la Probation (CEP) to improve and complement the standards developed so far for the definition and categorisation of community sanctions and measures on all levels of the criminal justice system. A more complete description of the criminal justice system will also lead to the identification of how attrition rates differ, comparing the identification of suspects and the imposition of sanctions and measures between Member States and juveniles vs. adults. The project will also collect data for the new European Sourcebook (2008-2011).

Scheduled duration: 2011-2014

Fundamental Rights Agency survey on violence against women in the EU and Croatia

HEUNI is a partner in a bid regarding a violence against women interview survey in the EU and Croatia, commissioned by the FRA. The main partner of the bid is Ipsos MORI (UK/Belgium). The third partner is UNICRI (Italy). The tasks of HEUNI in the project would be to act in the role of scientific adviser and to produce the interviewer training, relevant materials and also to provide the final research report to the FRA.

Scheduled duration: 2012                  

Reports that include statistical information are available at

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