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3. Environment and multi-domain statistics (LG)
Environmental Accounts

On-going methodological work:

The Group continues its efforts in advancing methodologies in environmental-economic accounting. In particular, it is contributing to the revision of the SEEA. Last year the London Group finalized its recommendations on all revisions issues of SEEA volume 1. It is expected that the London Group will continue to be engaged in the development of the revised SEEA, also with regard to the SEEA volumes 2 and 3. At its 16th meeting in Santiago the LG expressed an interest in also looking beyond the revised SEEA in picking up longer term research issues. The LG also requested to be engaged in the further development of the SEEA Standards for particular resources (e.g. SEEA-Water, SEEA-Energy).
At its 15th meeting in Wiesbaden (2009) Mark de Haan of Statistics Netherlands was elected for a second term as the Chair of the London Group.

Priority objectives:

The London Group's short term priority objectives are to continue contributing to the revision of the SEEA. However, its role will gradually move towards aspects of SEEA implementation and dissemination as well as the long term research agenda.

New activities:

As part of the SEEA revision process, the London Group will:
• Contribute to the development of Volume 2 on Ecosystem accounting and valuation of ecosystem assets and services being led by the EEA and the World Bank respectively;
• Contribute to the development of Volume 3 on the applications of the SEEA;
• Implementation and dissemination of the revised SEEA;
• Long term research agenda.


The 16th London Group Meeting took place in October 2010 (Santiago, Chile). A next meeting is scheduled to take place in the second half of 2011.

More information can be found at the London Group website:

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