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2.4.1 Agriculture, forestry, fisheries (CIS-STAT)
Agricultural Statistics

Ongoing work:

• Collection, processing, analysis and publication of data on agriculture in the Commonwealth countries:
- Monthly: output of selected types of livestock products.
Area under agricultural crops for the yield of the current year (3 times a year); progress of agricultural crops harvesting (5 times a year).
- Quarterly: agricultural output (in current prices) and indices of agricultural output (in constant prices), numbers of livestock.
- Yearly: availability and distribution of agricultural lands by categories of land users; gross harvests and crop yields calculated in accordance with FAO recommendations; sales of principal agricultural products; products source and use tables; per capita consumption of main food products; number of peasant (individual farmers') holdings and associated land and their output of principal agricultural products; forecasts of cereals production.
- Development of recommendations on the improvement of the programme of agricultural census with the account of the experience of its conduct in the CIS countries and new Programme of 2010 round of the World agricultural census developed by FAO.

• Preparation of analytical reports on the situation and development of agriculture.2.4.2 Energy (CIS-STAT)
Electricity Statistics

Ongoing work:

Collection, processing and publication of data:

• Monthly: on the production of electric energy;
• Yearly: on the production of electric energy by kind of power stations; the electric-power balance of individual Commonwealth countries; forecasts of electric energy production.2.4.4 Transport (CIS-STAT)
Transport Statistics

Ongoing work

• Collection, processing, analysis and publication of transport data for the Commonwealth countries:
- Monthly: carriage of goods and passengers, cargo and passenger volumes  for all modes of transport, and freight carried on main railway lines by cargo type.
-  Yearly: availability of units of rolling stock by purpose, length of railway lines in operation by category (as of the end of the year).

• Preparation of analytical reports on the operation of transport.2.4.5 Tourism (CIS-STAT)
Tourism Statistics

Ongoing work:

In statistical study of tourism over the period 2011 (on a yearly basis):
• Collection, processing, and publication of data on tourism between the Commonwealth countries.
• Preparation of analytic reports on international tourism in selected CIS countries.2.4.6 Banking, insurance, financial statistics (CIS-STAT)
Financial Statistics

Ongoing work:

Collection, processing, analysis and dissemination of data over the period 2011-2012 (monthly, quarterly, yearly):

• Banking statistics (credit extended, deposits of population, emission of money, interest rates on credits, credit indebtedness, number of credit organizations, investments, securities and the currency market).
• Statistics relating to insurance activity.
• Assistance to Commonwealth countries in improving financial statistics, including the formulation of proposals to improve statistical reporting, adaptation of international standards in statistics relating to money in circulation and credit to national circumstances in the organisation of statistics in these countries, and formulation of recommendations on the application of new methods and standards.