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Industrial Statistics

  • Further development of the industry statistics web-site;
  • Investigation of possibilities of data transfer from EUROSTAT on industrial commodity production statistics to avoid duplications in data collection;
  • Revision of the Manual on International Recommendations on Industrial Statistics;
  • Revision of the Manual on Index Numbers of Industrial Production;
  • UNSD continues the collection, processing and dissemination of global industrial commodity production statistics and maintains the industrial commodity statistics database containing data for about 200 countries and areas and more than 600 commodities. A revised UN List of Industrial products has been developed. Data collection based on this new list is now in progress. Production data is being provided in physical quantities and for the first time in monetary values. First publication on this basis is scheduled for release in 2007. UNSD continues the compilation and publication of index numbers of industrial production;
  • UNSD continues compilation and dissemination of Index Numbers of Industrial Production for countries, geographic regions and the world;
  • Industrial statistics are published in UNSD's Industrial Commodity Statistics Yearbook, in the UN Statistical Yearbook and in the Monthly Bulletin of Statistics. Industrial Commodity Statistics datasets and the General Industrial Statistics Dataset are available in electronic format;
  • Conduct of regional workshop on manufacturing statistics;
  • Hosting of an Expert Group meeting on Industrial Statistics.

Distributive Trade Statistics

Priority objectives:
  • Implementation of International Recommendations on Distributive Trade Statistics;
  • Organizing two workshops on good practices in compilation of Distributive Trade Statistics.
Ongoing and new activities:
  • Further development of the UNSD website on distributive trade statistics;
  • Data and metadata exchange with OECD and EUROSTAT on distributive trade statistics to avoid duplications in data and metadata collection;
  • Drafting of DTS Compilers Manual;
  • Compilation of country practices on Distributive Trade Statistics;
  • Drafting a handbook on good practices in compilation of distributive trade indices.
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