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5.3 Quality frameworks and measurement of performance of statistical systems and offices (UNESCO)
Data Quality

The UIS has made improving data quality a major component of its current work programme, and has a series of initiatives under way to systematically measure, report on, and improve data quality with a special focus on timeliness and accessibility. The Institute is also seeking to improve the coverage of its data and metadata.
The Institute and OECD have developed a version of the IMF DQAF specifically for education that is used in capacity building activities.

The UIS has also a Quality Monitoring and Reporting Framework to assess the quality of its survey activities and the content of the international statistical database. This framework aligns UIS strategic objectives with a key set of performance indicators. It is based on existing work done by the IMF and Eurostat.

Priority objectives beyond 2011:

• Produce quality reports for all relevant UIS surveys;
• Improve the questionnaire design phase;
• Improve metadata management;
• Improve the process of exchanging data between the UIS and other organizations;
• Improve statistical systems.

New work to be undertaken in 2011:

• Quality report disseminated with each education data release;
• Quality report produced for R&D statistics.