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3.3 Multi-domain statistics and indicators (UNESCO)
3.3.3 Information society (UNESCO)
Measuring Information Society

Work Programme

Ongoing methodological work:

The UIS is supporting the UNESCO's Communication and Information (CI) Sector to develop a framework to measure core 'information society skills' for teachers. In particular, the Institute has established an international technical advisory panel to help validate cost-effective methodologies that will be made available to countries for their own assessments needs.

Priority objectives beyond 2011:

• Establish two regular surveys on media statistics and the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in education.
• Pilot-test and validate modules for measuring core skills associated with knowledge societies.

New work to be undertaken in 2011:

• Promotion of a new series of internationally comparable statistics on ICT in education by producing a regional report on ICT integration in education in Latin America and the Caribbean.
• Pilot-testing and validation of the new media survey reflecting emerging trends in print, broadcast, mobile and online media.
• Technical support to the UNESCO CI Sector on the development of methodological tools for measuring skills associated with knowledge societies.

Meetings to be organized in 2011:

• Validation workshop with countries piloting the media survey pilot to be organized in Mozambique.

3.3.5 Indicators related to the Millennium Development Goals (UNESCO)
Data for MDGs

• UIS is responsible for providing the data for monitoring the international education indicators as part of the MDGs, namely goals 2 and 3.