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Software Description

PC-Axis is a suite of software designed for disseminating and visualizing statistical data. The core components (PC-Axis and PX-Web) were developed by Statistics Sweden, and have a history going back to the 1980's. As more statistical organizations have started to use this software, some have developed and contributed additional components (for example, PX-Edit - Finland, PX-Map - Norway, PAX-Admin - UNECE). There are currently around 40 members of the "PC-Axis family", mostly national and international statistical organizations.


Organizations using PC-Axis components for web dissemination are required to pay a license fee. This is calculated taking into account GDP and population, so varies from country to country. The money is used to help fund PC-Axis development and support activities in Statistics Sweden. Additional components are available at no cost from the developers, and many can be downloaded from


All PC-Axis license holders are entitled to attend the annual meetings of the PC-Axis Reference Group. This group reviews new developments, and determines priorities for development work over the coming years.


The use of PC-Axis tools is growing rapidly. This has led Statistics Sweden to start considering how to spread the burden and responsibility for developing and maintaining the core software. A task-force of Nordic countries is considering this issue, and will shortly make recommendations for new governance arrangements.

Steven Vale - UNECE

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