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5.1 Overview of roles and responsibilities

Subject matter statistician, survey manager, metadata manager, senior advisers in standards, IT developers, system architects, solution architects and web designers are all important roles in metadata/statistical lifecycle management in Statistics Norway.

List of metadata contacts

Jenny Linnerud (
Anne Gro Hustoft (

5.2 Metadata management team

Our core team for metadata systems consists of one senior adviser, one system architect for metadata systems and four programmers in the Department of IT. When necessary we draw on Iother T expertise from the same department.

Metadata system maintenance is carried out by two or three people in the Department of IT. Maintenance of the system contents, i.e. the metadata, is carried out by all statistical divisions with support from the senior adviser in the core metadata team.

Details per system are as follows:

Our systems for classifications and variables and our metadata portal are owned by the Department of IT. In-house development (2 developers and two customers) has been carried out by the Department of IT. Maintenance of the systems is carried out by the same divisions (1 developer, 1 system architect and 1 system owner) with the addition of two people from the Department of Data collection and statistical methods in the case of classifications. Maintenance of the metadata in the systems is the responsibility of all 20 statistical divisions.

Our master metadatabase for questionnaires is being developed by 3 developers from the Department of IT, 2 external consultants and a project leader from the Department of Data Collection and statistical methods. This metadatabase will replace two previous metadatabases.

Our service library for master metadata systems was developed by 7 developers from the Department of IT and is being maintained by one.

Our Administrative system for products, projects and processes is owned by the Department of administrative affairs and direktor general. The previous system was outsourced by the previous owner but the new system was developed by 2 developers from the Department of IT in cooperation with the new system owner and one external consultant.

Our system for file descriptions was developed and is being maintained in the Department of IT. Maintenance of the metadata in the system is the responsibility of all statistical divisions.

Maintenance of the metadata in the system for event history metadata is the responsibility of two statistical divisions (Division for Social Welfare Statistics and the Division for Education Statistics).

5.3 Training and knowledge management

All new employees participate in a course designed to give them an overview of all areas in Statistics Norway. Most new employees attend this course within 3-6 months of starting work in Statistics Norway.

5.4 Partnerships and cooperation

Statistics Norway participates in relevant international meetings e.g. METIS, MSIS and informal groups e.g. Neuchâtel (classifications and variables). In addition, there is a strong tradition of Scandinavian collaboration (e.g. dissemination database StatBank) and collaboration within the Statistical Network (currently Australia, Canada, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom).

5.5 Other issues

So long as metadata is not an integral part of the statistical production cycle it will be prioritised lower than the publication of statistics.

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