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2. Economic statistics (World Tourism Organisation)

2.4.5 Tourism

Tourism Statistics

The World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) Statistics Department collects, analyzes, publishes, standardizes and improves tourism statistics, and promotes the integration of these statistics within the sphere of the United Nations system.

Objective of the Department of Statistics and Tourism Satellite Account

To foster the comparability of tourism statistics and the macroeconomic analysis of tourism activities by means of internationally agreed standards, and to design the required guidance, initiatives and tools (e.g. TSA) for their implementation.

Programme of work 2010/2011

1) Compilation guidance for implementing the new IRTS 2008, and reinforcement of international comparability of basic tourism statistical data;
2) Dissemination of TSA data and fostering the macroeconomic analysis of tourism;
3) Technical assistance for Member States on tourism statistics and TSA;
4) Cooperation on statistics within the UN System.


Statistics Capacity-building Programme for Russian-speaking European countries (World Tourism Organisation)
Location: Azerbaijan
Description: Regional seminar and 1st workshop of Statistics Capacity-building Programme.

Dates: end of May (TBC)

Capacity-building Programme on Tourism Statistics for Asia (World Tourism Organisation)

Location: Thailand

Description: 1st workshop of Statistics Capacity-building Programme.

Dates: end of June (TBC)

UNWTO Committee on Statistics and Tourism Satellite Account (World Tourism Organisation)

Location: Madrid, UNWTO Headquarters
From: 25-Mar-2010 To: 26-Mar-2010

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