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Environmental Indicators

• The 2009 edition of the World Development Indicators, the annual World Bank statistical flagship publication, includes an updated and expanded set of 16 tables on environmental indicators covering some 150 countries. Its accompanying CD-ROM includes time series data for more than 200 countries.
• The Little Green Data Book presents a number of environmental indicators based on the World Development Indicators and its accompanying CD-ROM. Under the headings of agriculture, forests, biodiversity, energy, emissions and pollution, water and sanitation, and 'greener' national accounts (adjusted for natural resource depletion and pollution damage), the Little Green Data Book presents key indicators of the environment and its relationship to people for more than 200 countries.
• The World Bank contributes to the development of core and supplementary environmental indicators for monitoring progress toward the Millennium Development Goals through the Environment subgroup of the Inter-Agency and Expert Group on the MDGs.
• A section of the environmental database is now available electronically on the World Bank's Environment Department website. The database includes, among others, the ECE countries and it is annually updated from various sources inside and outside the World Bank. Go to and select Data & Statistics from the left navigation bar.
• The World Bank works with the UN Statistics Division in this area and continues to support initiatives in the field of environmental Work in this area has been bolstered by the development of accompanying indicators of environmental change including estimation of Adjusted Net Savings (genuine savings) for more than 140 countries. These estimates are being published in the World Development Indicators and the Little Green Data book.
• The World Bank has devoted its 2010 World Development Report to Climate Change."

Priority objectives:

• Development of core environmental indicators for monitoring progress toward the international development goals adopted by the World Bank, United Nations and the Development Assistance Committee of the OECD.
• Publication of environmental indicators through the Little Green Data Book, the World Development Indicators and the Environment Department website.
• Updated on a yearly basis. New products to be showcased in the website include environment at-a- glance fact sheets by country.
• The World Bank will continue to provide expertise on green accounting and the measurement of sustainable development through its participation in activities with UNECE and other international groups.