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2.3 Business statistics


• The objective of the Voorburg Group is to establish an internationally comparable methodology for measuring the constant price outputs of the service industries. The focus of the Group is to develop concepts, methods and best practices in the area of services. The Group has contributed over the years to building up and sharing a considerable and growing body of knowledge on Service Sector statistics. It has promoted international cooperation in the development of standards and assisted in resolving statistical and measurement challenges in the Services Sector.

Ongoing Methodological Work Plan

• In the last few years, the Voorburg Group has adopted a more structured approach in terms of its work plan and proceedings, in order to produce more concrete deliverables. In acknowledging the parallel and equally important development of turnover (output measures), prices and classifications, the Group has made an explicit effort to better balance its agenda among these three major areas. This new orientation was initially reflected in the 2006 meeting agenda and has continued in 2007, 2008 and 2009, contributing to the great success of these meetings.

What's planned for 2010?

Future Agenda :

Based on the wider success and participation in the 2009 and previous meetings, it was decided to build up and expand on the following activities:

Mini-presentations (preliminary)

For 2010, the following Industry/Industry Groups have been selected for mini-presentations:

1. Accommodations and Food Services - PPI (Sweden, Ireland and Finland) . Turnover/Output (Mexico, Japan and Ireland).

2. Distributive Trade - PPI (Australia, Canada, and U.S.).
    Turnover/Output (Canada, Eurostat and Norway).

3. Cleaning and Facilities Services - PPI (Israel, Austria, Germany and Norway).
    Turnover/Output (Norway, Netherlands and Germany).

4. Research and Development - PPI (Germany).
    Turnover/Output (Norway, Germany, and Netherlands)

Sector Papers


The 2009 conference held in Oslo (Norway) had discussions on the following sectors: Wired, Wireless, Satellite, and Telecommunications Industries, and Trade Margins (covering Wholesale Trade and Retail Trade)


At the 2010 conference the following 3 sector papers shall be finalized:

1. Rail Transportation - Passenger (Germany)
2. Rail Transportation - Freight (Germany/Canada)
3. Water Transportation (Sweden)

Revisited Sector papers


The 2009 meeting covered a wide spectrum of industry/industry groups like Air Transportation (Austria), Rental and Leasing Services (Canada), Employment Services (Poland), Investigation and Security Services (Germany and Israel), Advertising and Market Research and Public Opinion Polling (UK and Czech Republic), Real Estate, excluding imputed Rents (Finland and USA).


To build up on the success achieved in the 2009 conference held in Oslo, (Norway) it was decided to expand the activity on revisited papers for 2010.

The proposed revisited groups for 2010 are the following:

1. Legal Services - (Poland/U.K.)
2. Warehouse and Storage - (Germany)
3. Courier Activities - (France, Hungary)

Additional activities for 2010

Other Papers

The 2010 conference is scheduled to have a session on the Effects Of Quality Change. It is planned to have the presentations on the following sectors:

• Air Transportation

• Rental and Leasing

• Advertising

There are also planned mini-presentations on Reference Rates and Negative Prices for Banking and Credit sector.

In addition to its work on the Mini-presentations, Sector Papers, and Revisited Sector Papers, the Group will continue to obtain and disseminate country report information on the industry/industry groups to be covered next year.

Looking Beyond 2010

Designation of Industries and Assignments for Voorburg Group 2011:


Potential sectors: Broadcasting; Motion Pictures; Waste Treatment/Waste Management; Health Care, Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation (Including Gaming); Technical Testing and Analysis; Activities of Head Offices.

Sector papers:

Cleaning and Facilities Services, Accommodation and Food Services, Distributive Trade, Banking and Credit, Research and Development

Meeting in 2010

• The next annual meeting of the Voorburg group is tentatively scheduled for September 20th to 24th , 2010 in Vienna, Austria.

New website:

All the papers from the previous meetings of the Voorburg Group, going back to 1987, can be searched through our new website at: This website has been redesigned and expanded to provide additional information.

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