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Activity 6.5: Health statistics

Description and objectives

Work towards the improvement of the comparability of health status statistics in the UNECE region, in cooperation with the Washington Group on Disability Statistics, the World Health Organization and Eurostat.

Activities and output

• Develop guidelines for statistics on measuring health status to assist UNECE member countries in designing surveys on measuring health status and to promote the utilization of common terminology and methodology. The work is done in collaboration with Eurostat and the Washington Group.
• Explore the possibility of creating a common forum on health statistics together with WHO and Eurostat.
• Finalize the survey module on measuring health status (Budapest Initiative Mark 2), in coordination with the existing groups, such as the Washington Group and the Eurostat Group on Health Interview Survey (HIS).
• Prepare a report on the outcome of the work of the Budapest Initiative.
• Provide secretariat support to the Steering Group on Health Statistics and the Task Force on Measurement of Health Status.
• Organise the Work Session on the Measurement of Health Status, in cooperation with WHO and Eurostat, on 20-22 January 2010.
• Organise the Meeting of CES Task Force on Measurement of Health Status in May 2010.

Organizations and groups involved

CES Steering Group on health statistics (TOR to be approved by the Bureau)
CES Task Force on measurement of health status (so-called Budapest Initiative)
Washington Group on Disability Statistics
Eurostat Group on Health Interview Survey.