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Activity 6.3: Migration statistics

Description and objectives

Contribute to the improvement of the quality and availability of statistics on international migration by developing common definitions, methods and practices, and promoting them across the UNECE region.

Activities and output

• Provide technical assistance to EECCA and SEE countries to develop further their migration data, by improving existing sources and increasing data exchange within and between countries.
• Provide secretariat support to the Steering Group on migration statistics and related task forces.
• Contribute to research projects by the Task Force on improving migration and migrant data using household surveys and other sources (also called "Suitland Working Group") (subject to approval by the CES Bureau in October 2009).
• Report on definitions and main sources used by countries to produce statistics on international migration.
• Report on practices used to define and measure "difficult-to-measure" migrants in the UNECE region.
• Report on the impact of different residency rules on migration statistics.
• Organise the Work Session on Migration Statistics, in cooperation with Eurostat, on 14-16 April 2010.
• Organise a workshop on migration statistics in Central Asia, in the framework of the global UN Development Account project of the 6th Tranche (2009-2011) "Strengthening national capacities to deal with international migration" (see activity 9.1).

Organizations and groups involved

CES Steering Group on migration statistics
CES Task Force on analysing migration using different length of stay definitions
CES Task Force on improving migration and migrant data using household surveys and other sources (TOR to be approved by the Bureau)
United Nations Population Division

Activity 6.2: Demographic projections

Summary description

Facilitate the exchange of experiences among UNECE member countries and discussion on methodologies in the field of demographic projections to allow EECCA and SEE countries to produce demographic projections according to methodologies developed at international level.

Activities and outputs

• Co-organise a Work Session on Demographic Projections, with Eurostat, on 28-30 April 2010 in Lisbon.

Organizations and groups involved