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Name and version: ESS Standard for Quality Reports (2009 edition)

Alternative name: ESQR

Valid: From 2009


The general aim of this Standard (ESQR) is to provide recommendations for comprehensive quality reporting for a full range of statistical processes and their outputs. A key objective of the Standard is to promote harmonised quality reporting across statistical processes and Member States belonging to the European Statistical System (ESS) and hence to facilitate cross-comparisons of processes and outputs. It covers the ESS quality criteria: relevance; accuracy; timeliness and punctuality; accessibility and clarity; comparability; and coherence.
For more detailed guidelines, including examples, the reader is referred to the ESS Handbook for Quality Reports (EHQR).
Both the Standard and the Handbook replace the 2003 versions and contain significant updates reflecting the advances in quality practices over the past five years.

Intended use: The Standard is applicable to national statistical offices and Eurostat in their roles as producers, compilers and disseminators of statistics. Primarily the Standard is producer-oriented, i.e. aimed at internal assessment of process and output quality. Quality reports based on the Standard will, however, include all the information necessary for user-oriented quality reporting.

Maintenance organization: The Statistical Office of the European Communities (Eurostat)

ISO Standard Number: not applicable


Relationships to other standards:   Concept Map

The Standard is aligned with the fifteen principles articulated in the European Statistics Code of Practice and consistent with the Euro-SDMX Metadata Structure which is based on a subset of the SDMX Cross-domain concepts.

Language: English

Description last updated / validated: 17 December 2009

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