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Statistics Sweden

Move the sub-process ‘Calculate aggregates’ from phase 5 to phase 6, since it belongs to the macro-level rather than to the micro-level.

  • The current sub-process ‘Prepare draft outputs’ is similar to ‘Calculate aggregates’. We suggest that only one is kept.



Istat suggests to modify the sub-process 5.7 adding it sub-process 6.1 and rename it consequently.

5.7. Calculate aggregates and other outputs - This sub process creates aggregate data and population totals from micro-data. It includes summing data for records sharing certain characteristics, determining measures of average and dispersion, and applying weights from sub-process 5.6 to sample survey data to derive population totals.

Data collected are also transformed into other statistical outputs, through the production of additional measurements such as indices, trends or seasonally adjusted series, as well as the recording of quality characteristics.


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