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From ABS:

There is a perception amongst some production areas within the ABS that the GSBPM does not cover the ‘entire statistical programme of work’, with its strong use of sample survey friendly wording.  One way of helping to avoid confusion, and to more visibly increase the perception of scope and coverage, might be to ensure terminology and descriptions throughout the model refer to both microdata and macrodata, or to 'data' more generally.  The terminology currently used is most limiting in the Collect and Process phases, where most references are made to collecting and processing micro level (e.g. unit record level) data.  Many areas (including the National Accountants) also collect and process a wide range of macro level data sources to deliver their statistical outputs (and there will be much more of this happening in the future).

From OECD Microdata Group:

Additional comments from the OECD EG on Microdata Access.

OECD Expert Group on Microdata Access aug 2013.docx

These may be updated in September.

See older version of comments here

Statistics Sweden:

The phases and the sub-processes should have names that are more consistent in structure than now. The verbs used currently do not have objects on the one-digit level, with the exception of process 1 (Specify needs).  On the two-digit level, the verbs come with objects, except for 5.2 (Classify and code), 5.3 (Review, validate and edit), 5.4 (Impute) and 6.3 (Scrutinize and explain). We suggest that micro-data is added as an object for 5.2, 5.3, and 5.4. For 6.3, we suggest that macro-data or outputs is added as an object.


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