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Since 2009 (when GSBPM V4.0 was released) the purpose, use and context for GSBPM has evolved significantly.  In 2009 there was no HLG for modernization, much less focus on Business Architecture, no Common Statistical Production Architecture (CSPA), and no GSIM.  The current GSBPM review (approved by HLG in Feb 2013) seems to recognize and seek to address the last of these points, but not the rest.  It will be hard to place the next version of GSBPM in context if some of these matters aren't clarified now.  Also, people will continue to have widely divergent views on the required scope and evolution of the GSBPM if we don't reach broad agreement on the "mission" for the GSBPM, four years on from the release of 4.0.  In addition, there should be discussion on what should be in scope for review and what should not.  We could also get some clarity around the extent to which we document the 'out of scope' concerns for future reference, so the good ideas aren't lost over time.  Addressing these questions may not change the scope of the updates to be applied in 2013, but it should provide clarity around the need for future reviews (e.g. well founded recommendations to the HLG Workshop in November 2013 for more significant updating of GSBPM in 2014, agreement across the community that the next round of broader work on GSBPM can wait until 2015 or later, etc.).

See further thoughts on how GSBPM could be integrated with a NSI's Business Architecture


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